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Good nights sleep

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Log into our live and interactive WebTV show where sleep expert Kathleen McGrath and former athlete Roger Black MBE discuss the importance of a good night’s kip and give top tips [Read More...]

winter skin

Winter skin – stay beautiful this winter

Winter has a unique fresh beauty, crisp, breathtaking and awakening. If the first blush of youth is way behind you, winter can also have a negative effect on your skin and hair [Read More...]

Living Room Lifestyle

Coffee computer

Answers to Coffee Break Quiz:- No 12

In which county is the market town of Banbury? Oxfordshire The song ‘Mrs Robinson’ sung by Simon and Garfunkel, was the theme to which movie? 'The Graduate' How many English kings have been [Read More...]

national emblems

When are the Patron Saints Days?

When I was a child, you would often see people wearing specific flowers on specific days throughout the year.  For me it was a Daffodil having been born and lived in Wales for most of my life. [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

Work experience

Half Term Work Experience at GSK

Watch a video commissioned by GSK to see how much young people can benefit from hands on experience As students return to the classroom this week after half term, many will be [Read More...]

cars parked

Recycle Your Car And Donate To Charity

Do you own an old banger that’s merely gathering dust in the garage or rusting in the driveway and is no longer loved or wanted? Then why not do your bit for charity and donate [Read More...]

Fashion Feature

Sight Station

Win Two Pairs of Sight Station Glasses

COMPETITION ALERT Win two pairs of stylish Sight Station fashion reading glasses to celebrate London Fashion Week! It’s the fashion event of the year! Fresh off the London catwalks Sight Station are embracing the colours, shapes and patterns [Read More...]


Anniversary Years – Every Year is a Special Year

    Every year in a married couples life should be a special year, but after the first few and certainly when a young family come along, these moments can be forgotten. Everyone knows what a silver anniversary in terms of years [Read More...]

Garden Leisure

Peter Andre-Frozen

Never a dull day for Peter Andre

Watch our video where Peter Andre talks life, loves and his upcoming projects with two 10 year old budding journalists He may be one of the busiest men in entertainment but TV [Read More...]

Forest Concert

Forestry Commission Concert Dates 2015

Who is on in the forests this coming year, 2015? We are keen to know but as yet the performers for 2015 have not yet all been confirmed however, it has been announced that Tom [Read More...]

In The Kitchen

welsh rarebit

Welsh Rarebit a Really Tasty Recipe

I have always loved a bit of Welsh Rarebit for supper, but there are many variations to this dish.  Where did the term Welsh Rarebit come from do you ask? It was perceived as a poor mans meal when the more affluent English could afford meat [Read More...]

welsh cakes

When in Wales eat Welsh Cakes !

We are particularly partial to Welsh Cakes in our family.  The Welsh call them picau ar y maen. Similar to a scone but thinner in size and cooked on a griddle pan.  They are ideal for afternoon tea or supper served with lashings of butter and [Read More...]

Shepherds Pie

Ben Shephard`s Shepherd’s Pie with a Tangy Twist

Shepherd`s Pie is a traditional British dish It is a staple of family meals which has often been made with left-overs. Eaten and loved by so many but could you make this off by heart? More to the point could your young person make [Read More...]

blueberry cheesecake

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake – a Pudding Packed with Vitamins!

Blueberries are a fruit that I have grown to love over the last couple of years.  They are packed with vitamin C, which helps the body deal with stress. They’re also full of fibre, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and stops sugary [Read More...]


Healthy pizza

Kids Healthy Cookery – Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza

Many mums and dads will have experienced the difficulties and frustrations of getting their children to eat healthily. With around a quarter of children thinking that healthy food does not taste nice and is boring, it's easy to understand why. [Read More...]

health foods

Ten Helpful Foods For Women

  If you eat right, food has the power to make you feel fantastic inside and out, which is why we’ve picked out ten foods to include in your diet. From bone building and energy boosting foods to fat busting and disease fighting, we’ve [Read More...]

Food Events

Garry Durrant, Head Ched at Hunter 486 in The Arch London

Perfect Pancakes Tips From Chef-de-Partie Beatriz Sanchez

Homemade pancakes take minutes to make and are fresher, tastier, and better for you, so [Read More...]

full english

Breakfast Like a King – It’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week 25th – 31st January 2015

Hands up how many of you eat breakfast in the morning or more importantly, how many of you [Read More...]

Seville oranges

January, The Month To Make Seville Marmalade

What`s So Special About Seville Marmalade? Why are Seville oranges and not any old orange [Read More...]

Kitchen & Domestic Info

Seville Oranges

Equipment needed for making Seville Orange Marmalade

Marmalade making is time consuming and needs some preparation before beginning. Beside the ingredients which you will find listed in our easy to follow recipe you will also need the following. A [Read More...]

wine stain

How to deal with all types of stains

You know the saying "It's no use crying over spilt milk" particularly when it is all over your favourite blouse or down your children's school uniform just as they are about to leave the house for the [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

Amanda Lamb

If you spend your day looking at a computer, help your stress levels and become a happier person by taking a lunch break. Too many of us, don't move from our desks, preferring to carry on looking at the computer screen and eating a sandwich as we do [Read More...]