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Does Snoring Affect Your Relationship With Your Partner

Do you have trouble sleeping when your partner starts snoring? or even worse, does your partners snoring wake you up?  So many women complain that their partners snore, to such an [Read More...]

Vale de Moses Farmhouse

A Week of Sleep and Yoga

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping but this magical process is still a mystery. A week of sleep and yoga in the forested foothills of the Serra da Estrela, Portugal, [Read More...]

woman jumping

There Is Life After The Menopause

The menopause has long been a taboo subject that many people still find uncomfortable to talk about. With over 3 billion women on the planet who will inevitably experience the [Read More...]

Garden Leisure

Yellow spring flowers

Country Diary – April

April by Salt and Pepper (The Seasonings) The supposed month for showers, bringing forth spring flowers, although a wet start to the month, thank goodness the sun is making an [Read More...]

Black lab

Tips To Keep your Dog Healthy

Watch our video feature where vet Luke Gamble and dog lover, former Blue Peter presenter and Crufts commentator, Peter Purves give us their advice... Research has shown that 86% [Read More...]

Blue Tit

A Guide to the Most Common Bird Calls in our Gardens

I love to listen to the early morning bird songs at this time of year, but I have to admit that I am one of many who cannot tell a Robin from a Wren when listening to their [Read More...]

Living Room Lifestyle

Cafetiere of coffee

Weekly Coffee Break Quiz No. 21

Twenty quiz questions just for fun! Answers will be revealed on Friday 1st May. Use the comment box below the questions if you would like to take part. There is no prize – it is just for [Read More...]

Enchanted Village

A Family Break at the Magical Enchanted Village New to Alton Towers

I have often thought that if the children are happy on holiday then you will enjoy the holiday just as much and relax and have fun. So taking the children or grand children to Alton Towers new resort, [Read More...]

Fashion Feature

derby girls

What to Wear at the Races

Racing days are upon us - all sounds lovely and easy - but if you’re a woman then you know it brings the nightmare of what to wear! Tips from Sally Inkster of Diva Dressing The first thing to do is to go through your wardrobe. You probably [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

Caitlin Moran

Advice For Students Looking To Break In To Britain’s Creative Industries

Watch our video where creative industry leaders talk about a new digital networking portal to help people get their foot in the door to industries such as fashion, film, [Read More...]

Kitchen – Recipes

french cheese tart

French Cheese & Onion Tart

There’s nothing like a wedge of perfectly created French cheese at the end of a meal, but a slice or two of France’s finest can also be turned into a the basis of a classy and delicious main dish. To help you make the most of some of the best [Read More...]

Seafood Paella

Quick Seafood Paella made by Chef John Torode

This dish captures the fresh and crisp Mediterranean flavour’s of Paella. John recommends having a crisp Pinot Grigio or a Chardonnay to bring out the tones and compliment this scrumptious seafood dish. Paella with Prawns & [Read More...]

Seedy loaf1

Seedy Wholemeal Loaf

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread as well as it being extremely therapeutic kneading that dough!  Once you start making your own bread nothing tastes as good. How To Make a Seedy Wholemeal Loaf (For a healthy heart [Read More...]

Key Lime Juice

Easy Recipe for Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is to Florida, what cookies are to cream! Anyone visiting Florida will certainly have seen Key Lime Pie on the menu even if they have not tasted it. This recipe is for Philip who after visiting Key West, seeing the establishment in [Read More...]

Nutrition & Domestic Info

Dr Schulze superfood sachet

Want to Eat to Live Forever?

If you watched the BBC Two show Eat To Live Forever, you saw food critic Giles Coren take up three extreme diets in a bid to push the very limits of life expectancy. The winner? A fit and spritely 113 year old man from Arizona who swears by Dr [Read More...]

Nestle breakfast caterpillar

How many of your children have eaten creepy crawlies?

Children would rather eat creepy crawlies from the garden than a plate full of greens To show there are easier ways for parents to get their kids eating their vegetables a giant caterpillar made of cereal will tour the country – watch our [Read More...]

Food Events


Garlic Uses & Recipes

Celebrate National Garlic Day on 19th April by adding a few cloves to your [Read More...]


Asparagus Festivals & Farms 2015

Asparagus Season usually starts in April and finishes at the latter end of June. The [Read More...]

Hobbies & Crafts

Mark Warner Family Holidays

How To Take Fabulous Family Holiday Photos

Top Photo Tips for Family Holidays One of the best things coming back from a holiday is going over the photos, remembering the beautiful views and scenery and recalling the fun moments you and your [Read More...]

sea glass in a vase

Treasures On Our Beaches

How often do you stumble upon a new hobby by chance that doesn't cost a fortune? On holiday in Barbados, I bought a beautiful necklace fashioned out of sea glass and leather. The jewellery designer, [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

Amanda Lamb

If you spend your day looking at a computer, help your stress levels and become a happier person by taking a lunch break. Too many of us, don't move from our desks, preferring to carry on looking at the computer screen and eating a sandwich as we do [Read More...]