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Puyssentut cancer retreat opens its doors

Puyssentut, in South West France, is no ordinary retreat centre. It provides tailor-made retreats for people with or recovering from cancer. It will be hosting its opening 2014 … [Read More...]


At What Age Do Daughters Finally Start To Appreciate Their Mums?

Being a mum and going through those teenage years can be fraught, and you wonder if you will ever get on with your siblings.  I think these statistics are so true of mums and … [Read More...]

Living Room Lifestyle

Women's Thoughts on Holiday

Women’s Thoughts On Beach Etiquette

Having spent a week on a beach in Barbados, I got to thinking about beach etiquette and how being on holiday can be so traumatic. Who hasn`t been privy to the jokes about German folk putting their … [Read More...]

mum card

Mothering Sunday 2014

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday,  as it is officially known is on the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK.  The date alters dependent on Easter and this year it is 30th March 2014. Do You Know Why We … [Read More...]

finding Colin Firth

Book Giveaway Competition Finding Colin Firth by Mia March

We are giving away a copy of FINDING COLIN FIRTH by Mia March to one lucky reader of this website.   Finding Colin Firth by Mia March One summer.  Three women.  And Mr Darcy. Only and … [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

older secretary

Women’s thoughts on interview tips and what to wear.

The thoughts of going back to work can be daunting for any 'empty nester', mum or grandmother.  Does there really need to be a cut off age for wanting to go back to part-time … [Read More...]

Donate old mobile phones

How To Recycle Your Mobile Phone

One of the most popular presents for Christmas and birthdays, is the mobile phone.  For some people, their mobile phone is an important fashion accessory which they constantly … [Read More...]

Fashion Feature

drawer dividers

How To De-clutter Your Wardrobe

Anytime of the year is a great time to de-clutter! You don't have to wait to re-decorate your bedroom to tidy your wardrobe and drawers, apart from feeling a great sense of achievement once the job is done, you will find that tidying and … [Read More...]


What is my Birthstone?

I only know what the stone of my birth date is, but can never remember the full list or order in which the gem stones are associated to each month. Knowing peoples birthstones may help for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary or Valentine … [Read More...]

In The Kitchen

Easter biscuits

Children’s Easter Biscuits

Put some fun into family baking with these delicious Easter delights   Forget chocolate eggs and hot cross buns – if you want to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces this Easter then try … [Read More...]

chocolate orange hot cross buns

Spiced Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross buns with a modern twist created by the original Great British Bake Off winner and baking author, Edd Kimber. He shows you how to create Spiced Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns in the … [Read More...]

Marble Cake

Chocolate Salted Caramel Marble Cake For Easter

Edd Kimber, winner of the Great British Bake Off shows, has created a Marble-lous Easter cake, the Chocolate Salted Caramel Marble Cake. He shows you how to create a modern twist on the traditional … [Read More...]

Food Events

Chinese comp

Easter Competition with Red Hot World Buffet

The Easter Holidays are upon us  and parents will be facing the age old issue how do we … [Read More...]

Chocolate eggs

Edd Kimber’s Easter Baking SOS

If you have enjoyed watching The Great British Bake Off then we will not need to tell you … [Read More...]

Pizza making child

Pizza Making Party For Children

Children need to learn the skills of cooking for later life. Youngsters today do not … [Read More...]

meat pie

Partial To A Piece of Pie for National Pie Week 3rd – 9th March 2014

Now this is a week that we cannot miss celebrating in our family as we do love a piece of … [Read More...]



The Benefits Of Broccoli

Article by Angela Dyas I have been practising nutrition therapy for some time now and many of my clients … [Read More...]


Beetroot and its Benefits and Uses

Beetroot is an extremely versatile  vegetable that for a long time has been understated by many, but now seems … [Read More...]

Kitchen & Domestic Info


Can You Freeze Nuts?

Can You Freeze Nuts? The answer to this is yes! Remove nuts from shells and place in a bag or … [Read More...]

Top of log burner before polishing

How to Restore Your Log Burner or Fireplace

Is your log burner looking like it could do with a little TLC? Does it need bringing  brought back … [Read More...]

freshly laid eggs

Egg Facts – How best to store, use and test for freshness

Understanding what is printed on an egg The information printed on an egg is quite easy to … [Read More...]

Garden Leisure


How to care for fresh cut Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the most popular spring flower, that can look so pretty displayed in a simple vase or an old jug.  A fresh colourful reminder that spring has arrived … [Read More...]


Country Diary – Spring into action for Spring!

So spring is here at last!!??  At least the days are lengthening, officially the first day of spring is the 20th March and the clocks go forward an hour on the 30th March – … [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

couples in 50's

Is this really something that you are planning for at the moment.  Issues like these always seem to be years away but millions of over 55s will be unable to afford long-term care. These statistics are quite staggering and reading them perhaps for … [Read More...]