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Perfume bottles

Perfume Preferences

The subject of perfume fascinates olfactory sense is so acute, that a smell can trigger a memory for me almost immediately or I associate a fragrance with a person, I am [Read More...]

Dynamic Fitness

Recognise yourself before starting your New Year resolution!

Can you figure out your exercise and nutrition character by comparing your lifestyle? Who are you? The new year diets and ways to change your lifestyle are in full force [Read More...]

Living Room Lifestyle

Coffee Cups

Coffee Break Quiz – No.8

Twenty quiz questions just for fun! Answers will be revealed on Friday 30th January. Use the comment box below the questions if you would like to take part. How many times a minute on average does [Read More...]

Coffe break

Answers to Coffee Break Quiz – No.7

At 2012, how many men have been President of the USA? 43   (Grosvenor Cleveland was President twice, with a four year gap in between) Which book by Jerome K Jerome starts with the line ‘There were [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

Children & computers

Majority of computing teachers concerned their pupils know more than them

Watch our video to hear from teachers and students about their concerns Tech-savvy children could be more clued up about computers than those who are supposed to be teaching [Read More...]

Donate old mobile phones

How To Recycle Your Mobile Phone

One of the most popular presents for Christmas and birthdays, is the mobile phone.  For some people, their mobile phone is an important fashion accessory which they constantly [Read More...]

Fashion Feature

Hunter Savoy Equestrian

Wellingtons or Boots for the Country Girl at Heart

You either love them or hate them, need them but not want them,but for me I am never happier than donning my wellies for country walks with the dogs or working in the garden tidying the leaves and putting everything to bed for the [Read More...]

Linene Rain Collection Long Walking Coat

What to wear on wet weather days

The answer to that question is simply a Winnie Magee ! The Linen Rain Collection is available in six different styles and several colour options. As stated on Winnie Magees website ‘Irelands most famous fabric for Irelands most famous [Read More...]

Garden Leisure

Forest Concert

Forestry Commission Concert Dates 2015

Who is on in the forests this coming year, 2015? We are keen to know but as yet the performers for 2015 have not yet all been confirmed however, it has been announced that Tom [Read More...]

Garden with snow

Country Diary – January

January Gardening Snowdrops are the flower of the month for January (Carnations are the birth flower) and they are also the first flower that everyone notices at the beginning [Read More...]

In The Kitchen


The Cost of Caviar

What is caviar? Caviar is the roe of sturgeon fish which is eaten in a completely natural form, preserved with salt. The earliest records show that Caviar was eaten in the 13th century. Sturgeons were alive in the time of the dinosaurs. The [Read More...]

Making turkey stock

How To Use Your Turkey and Chicken Bones

Don't throw away your turkey or chicken bones! If you have always thrown out your chicken or turkey carcass after eating then you must think again! It is so easy to make a tasty and nutritious stock using the bones which can then be used to [Read More...]

Fill jam jars

Easy Recipe for Seville Orange Marmalade

Recipe for Seville Orange Marmalade Homemade marmalade is not as difficult as you might think providing you have the correct equipment, ingredients and very importantly the time! Seville oranges are in season during January and [Read More...]

fish pie

Friday Fish Pie with a Crunchy Topping

If you are looking to cook something light and simple, a total change from all the heavy roast dinners and party food that you have indulged in lately, then this easy fish pie will tick all the boxes, perfect for a Friday night supper. How To [Read More...]


health foods

Ten Helpful Foods For Women

  If you eat right, food has the power to make you feel fantastic inside and out, which is why we’ve picked out ten foods to include in your diet. From bone building and energy boosting foods to fat busting and disease fighting, we’ve [Read More...]


Can you Freeze Cheese Do You Ask ?

  It would appear that it is possible to freeze cheese.           Although this does depend on what type of cheese it is and how successfully it will work. Soft ripened cheeses such as Camembert and [Read More...]

Food Events

full english

Breakfast Like a King – It’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week 25th – 31st January 2015

Hands up how many of you eat breakfast in the morning or more importantly, how many of you [Read More...]

Seville oranges

January, The Month To Make Seville Marmalade

What`s So Special About Seville Marmalade? Why are Seville oranges and not any old orange [Read More...]

english toffee

Celebrate English Toffee Day on January 8th 2015

I have recently learnt that it is National English Toffee Day on January 8th.  I have yet [Read More...]

Kitchen & Domestic Info

Seville Oranges

Equipment needed for making Seville Orange Marmalade

Marmalade making is time consuming and needs some preparation before beginning. Beside the ingredients which you will find listed in our easy to follow recipe you will also need the following. A [Read More...]

wine stain

How to deal with all types of stains

You know the saying "It's no use crying over spilt milk" particularly when it is all over your favourite blouse or down your children's school uniform just as they are about to leave the house for the [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

Amanda Lamb

If you spend your day looking at a computer, help your stress levels and become a happier person by taking a lunch break. Too many of us, don't move from our desks, preferring to carry on looking at the computer screen and eating a sandwich as we do [Read More...]