Health & Beauty

Liz Earle

Liz Earle’s Egg Insights: for Health and Beauty

With so many chocolate eggs on the shelves at the moment and Easter in sight.  It is no wonder that they are dominant in our thoughts. How big a part do eggs play in your health [Read More...]


March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer statistics and facts • In the UK a woman dies every two hours of ovarian cancer • 7,000 UK women are diagnosed with the disease every year • It’s the most deadly [Read More...]

Garden Leisure


Private Gardens Open To The Public

The weather is changing and gardening enthusiasts will be out inforce.   I am more of a fair weather gardener really, but I still enjoy pottering about and designing or altering [Read More...]

Duck on garden pond

Feeding Ducks

March is the month that Mallards start to nest having found a mate in November. Ducks choose to do this near water as the mother will take her ducklings for their first swim within [Read More...]

Living Room Lifestyle

egg nest

History of Easter Eggs

The egg has been the symbol of fertility and new life for centuries as has the tradition of decorating and the giving of eggs at Easter. Decorating eggs can be traced back centuries to ancient [Read More...]

Barbara Bradford Taylorxsm

Barbara Taylor Bradford talks about the release of her 30th title – The Cavendon Women

Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE is quite rightly known as the First Lady of Fiction as one of the best-selling authors of all time, with fans both here in the UK and across the globe devouring every word [Read More...]

Fashion Feature

derby girls

What to Wear at the Races

Racing days are upon us - all sounds lovely and easy - but if you’re a woman then you know it brings the nightmare of what to wear! Tips from Sally Inkster of Diva Dressing The first thing to do is to go through your wardrobe. You probably [Read More...]


What is my Birthstone?

I only know what the stone of my birth date is, but can never remember the full list or order in which the gem stones are associated to each month. Knowing peoples birthstones may help for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary or Valentine [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

Caitlin Moran

Advice For Students Looking To Break In To Britain’s Creative Industries

Watch our video where creative industry leaders talk about a new digital networking portal to help people get their foot in the door to industries such as fashion, film, [Read More...]

Work experience

Half Term Work Experience at GSK

Watch a video commissioned by GSK to see how much young people can benefit from hands on experience As students return to the classroom this week after half term, many will be [Read More...]

Kitchen – Recipes


Simnel Cake Recipe

Simnel cake was originally a Mothering Sunday Tradition from as far back as the seventeenth century in England, families gathered for a mid-Lenten feast.  All the strict rules about fasting and penance were put aside and the Mother was a special [Read More...]

hot cross bun pud

Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Pudding

Let’s think fluffy bunnies, chocolate eggs, baby chicks and Easter. If a pudding could draw a naughty line, this one would triple jump it! How To Make Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Pudding Serves 6–8 Ingredients:- Butter, for greasing 6 hot [Read More...]

Reduced Sugar Marmalade Sponge Puddings

Reduced Sugar Marmalade Sponge Puddings

If you love sponge puddings but do not want all the sugar try this recipe for Marmalade Sponge Puddings. The addition of a satsuma gives a little more sweetness with the natural flavour of orange plus the use of Duerr's Half Sugar marmalade also [Read More...]

Eisberg Rose Stir Fry Chicken

Chipotle Chicken Stir Fry – Mother’s Day Lunch Suggestion

Here is a recipe that would make a perfect Mother's Day lunch for anyone Mum watching calories. Using non-alcoholic wine so less sugar and a mix of fresh healthy vegetables, the recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Serves 4 Preparation time: [Read More...]

Nutrition & Domestic Info

hot cross buns

History of Hot Cross Buns

What is a Hot Cross Bun and why do we associate it with Easter? The practice of eating special small cakes at the time of the Spring festival seems to date back at least to the ancient Greeks, but the English custom of eating spiced buns on [Read More...]

Healthy pizza

Kids Healthy Cookery – Vegetable & Salsa Verde Scone Pizza

Many mums and dads will have experienced the difficulties and frustrations of getting their children to eat healthily. With around a quarter of children thinking that healthy food does not taste nice and is boring, it's easy to understand why. [Read More...]

Food Events

Shin of Beef Casserole

Support your Local Butcher on National Butchers’ Week 23rd-29th March 2015.

How have our eating habits towards meat changed since we were children? My mother would [Read More...]


Chocolate Festivals 2015

For all those chocolate lovers our there, get your diaries out for the forthcoming [Read More...]

Hobbies & Crafts

Mark Warner Family Holidays

How To Take Fabulous Family Holiday Photos

Top Photo Tips for Family Holidays One of the best things coming back from a holiday is going over the photos, remembering the beautiful views and scenery and recalling the fun moments you and your [Read More...]

sea glass in a vase

Treasures On Our Beaches

How often do you stumble upon a new hobby by chance that doesn't cost a fortune? On holiday in Barbados, I bought a beautiful necklace fashioned out of sea glass and leather. The jewellery designer, [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

Amanda Lamb

If you spend your day looking at a computer, help your stress levels and become a happier person by taking a lunch break. Too many of us, don't move from our desks, preferring to carry on looking at the computer screen and eating a sandwich as we do [Read More...]