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Ten things about love x sm

Book Giveaway Competition Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler

We are giving away a copy of Ten Things I've Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler to one lucky reader of this website. Ten Things I've Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler Connected by a secret, Alice and … [Read More...]

open fire

How to Lay and Light a Fire for Those Autumnal Evenings

With Autumn weather appearing and the nights are growing darker earlier, it's that time of year when you start to look forward to candlelit cosy nights by the fire. Here are a few hints and tips … [Read More...]

Health & Beauty


How To Boost Your Mood Naturally This Autumn

  What causes your bad moods? Can you pull yourself out of a bad mood? We all suffer bad moods from time to time, but do you often feel your bad moods are more common than … [Read More...]

Charlie's Water Bottle

How Much Water Should I Drink Each Day?

Following the recent announcement that all NHS patients must now have water available at all times to guard against dehydration, experts are urging everyone to find out about the … [Read More...]

Fashion Feature


Personal Image Stylist Chester, Cheshire

Hi, I’m Sally Inkster, an expert Personal Image Stylist and Corporate Style Consultant based in Chester, Cheshire. A passion for fashion, clothes and helping other women find their own special style was my driving force for founding Diva … [Read More...]

Linene Rain Collection Long Walking Coat

What to wear on wet weather days

The answer to that question is simply a Winnie Magee ! The Linen Rain Collection is available in six different styles and several colour options. As stated on Winnie Magees website ‘Irelands most famous fabric for Irelands most famous … [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

Trafford Centre

Are You A Secret Spender?

Have you been known to smuggle shopping bags into the house without your partner noticing? Perhaps you snip off the tags from new purchases and then hide the items of clothing in … [Read More...]

Mums and Children

Maternity Leave May Affect Your Employment Chances!

Bosses admit to hiring men ahead of women in fear of maternity leave Women are still being discriminated against in the work place when it comes to maternity! More than 40% of … [Read More...]

Garden Leisure


Country diary – October

Well, autumn is definitely approaching this week. However it has been incredibly warm, giving us a glorious Indian summer. Not only are the days becoming shorter, but have you … [Read More...]

swallows on wire

Country Diary – September

All too soon it seems preparations for the forthcoming winter and what seems far away spring, are required for the garden. The autumnal colours are dramatic, with late-flowering … [Read More...]

In The Kitchen

Jollof rice

Jollof rice a tasty all-in-one curry recipe

Spicy jollof rice is a simple, tasty all-in-one curry recipe that’s popular in many parts of West Africa. Succulent chicken thighs are browned, cooked in a tomato, chilli and ginger sauce. Then you pop in the basmati rice and cook on a very low … [Read More...]

Lemon cardamom cakes

Lemon & Cardamom Cakes with Vanilla Bean Syrup by Eric Lanlard

Eric Lanlard makes delicious Lemon and Cardamom cakes with vanilla bean syrup for National Baking Week 2014. To get you in the mood and inspire you for Baking Week 2014, Eric Lanlard shows us step by step, how to make these beautiful mini … [Read More...]


Amazingly Easy Apple Cake Recipe

It is that time of year when apples should be in abundance on the trees, but if unfortunately, you have a poor yield or don't happen to have an apple tree in your garden don't despair! You can whip up this delicious apple cake with a quick trip … [Read More...]


Chicken Italian – Easy Casserole

An easy, foolproof recipe to follow with great flavours. Ingredients 4 chicken pieces 1 large onion 4 rashers of bacon 4oz or 112g mushrooms 2 carrots 2 sticks of celery 1/2lb or 226g tomatoes or tin of chopped tomatoes Salt and … [Read More...]



Samphire Grass-where to find and when!

What is Samphire Grass? Salicornia europaea or as you will more likely have heard of it, Samphire Grass is a “sea vegetable” which has a quite delicious flavour and is well worth sourcing. Samphire is also known as glasswort, pickle plant, … [Read More...]

edible flowers

Flowers That Are Edible

For thousands of years flowers have been used for culinary and medicinal purposes. With the upsurge in demand of home-grown vegetables and fruit, it maybe of interest that flowers can add an extra dimension to recipes, flavour-wise and … [Read More...]

Food Events

Food Fayre

Food Festivals For Autumn 2014

With September nearly upon us and the onset of  an Indian summer and colourful Autumn and … [Read More...]

Hamper of Freedom Mallows

Win a Hamper of Freedom Mallows for Vegetarian Week 19th-25th May

For National Vegetarian Week 19th - 25th May we have teamed up with Freedom Confectionery … [Read More...]


Win a Home Baking Treat of Sugar and Crumbs Baking Products

More and more of us are turning our hands to home baked produce, which has certainly been … [Read More...]

Kitchen & Domestic Info

Top of log burner before polishing

How to Restore Your Log Burner or Fireplace

Is your log burner looking like it could do with a little TLC? Does it need bringing  brought back to life to regain its former gleam of black cast iron? There are several makes of black grate … [Read More...]


Types of Vinegars and Their Uses

Summer or winter, salads have become a staple part of our diet, as have the dressings that accompany them. Most dressings will have vinegar as part of the ingredient, but do you know what the … [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

couples in 50's

Is this really something that you are planning for at the moment.  Issues like these always seem to be years away but millions of over 55s will be unable to afford long-term care. These statistics are quite staggering and reading them perhaps for … [Read More...]