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Christmas Quiz

Answers to Christmas Coffee Break Quiz

1. From the late 16th century, turkeys were taken to Leadenhall Market in London for Christmas from Norfolk. What form of transport was used? THE TURKEYS WERE WALKED BY DROVERS, APPROXIMATELY 100 … [Read More...]

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Coffee Break Quiz

Twenty Christmas quiz questions just for fun! Answers will be revealed on Friday 19th December at 3pm. Use the comment box below the questions if you would like to take part.   1. From the … [Read More...]

Health & Beauty


Lung Cancer Awareness – Your Health Matters

With Lung Cancer Awareness Month upon us we will be de-mystifying the myths surrounding the disease in our live web TV show. The sad truth is that most of us have been affected … [Read More...]

health technology

Future innovations of health and care, wellbeing and transformation

With recent forecasts that the population will increase by almost 3 billion to 10 billion by 2050, a new report – Future Technologies of Health and Care, Wellbeing and … [Read More...]

Fashion Feature


How To Dress Stylishly At Any Age

Elle Macpherson (b.1964), Amanda Holden (b.1971) and Helen Mirren (b.1945) all dress stylishly but in very different ways. In our short video below you will see how each use styles that suit their personalities and age. All three ladies always … [Read More...]

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Kendall Floral Cuffed Ankle Jeans,Painted Bouquet from John Lewis

Looking For UK Stockists of Not Your Daughters Jeans?

Looking for U.K. tummy tuck jeans stockists? Let us help! No matter what age a woman is, she still likes to feel trendy and fashionable, but trying to find a pair of jeans that fits and are comfortable, is not easy. Having tried NYDJ I can … [Read More...]

Work at Home & Office

shopping presents

How We Are Shopping This Christmas

  The average shopper expects to spend a whopping £365 on Christmas presents this year, whether that is through pounding the pavements of the high street and retail parks … [Read More...]

World's Largest Sculptured Cake

Make-A-Wish And Guinness World Record Cake

A team of cake bakers in the UK have broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the World’s Largest Cake Sculpture to raise funds for charity Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish, the … [Read More...]

Garden Leisure

Skimmia Japonica Rubella

Country Diary – November

November (Late Autumn) by Salt and Pepper (The Seasonings) November is a month of quiet preparation for the coming winter and planning for next spring all rolled into … [Read More...]


Country diary – October

Well, autumn is definitely approaching this week. However it has been incredibly warm, giving us a glorious Indian summer. Not only are the days becoming shorter, but have you … [Read More...]

In The Kitchen

Iain Watters

Chocolate Chestnut Orange Christmas Cake

Are you looking forward to eating Christmas pudding or are you one of the people who shun it in favour of something more appealing? Great British Bake Off’s Iain Watters demonstrates how to make a Chocolate Chestnut Orange Christmas Cake in the … [Read More...]

Christmas tree biscuits

Christmas Biscuits For the Christmas Tree

Great biscuits to make with children, threaded with ribbon they look spectacular hanging on the Christmas tree.   Ingredients 175g unsalted butter, softened 200g golden caster sugar 2 medium eggs 1 tsp vanilla … [Read More...]

Cranberries from New England

Where Do Cranberries Come From?

Every year cranberry sauce has been served with our Christmas dinner, either homemade or bought from M&S. Considered as a treat and very much a seasonal food as during the rest of the year we have bread sauce with our chicken or … [Read More...]

Turkey Mac and Cheese

How To Use Leftover Turkey

What to do with left-overs from Christmas dinner is always a challenge. Turkey salad, turkey sandwiches and then boredom sets in! Phil Vickery makes the most of the leftover Christmas turkey by making one of his family favourites, Turkey Mac ‘n’ … [Read More...]



Samphire Grass-where to find and when!

What is Samphire Grass? Salicornia europaea or as you will more likely have heard of it, Samphire Grass is a “sea vegetable” which has a quite delicious flavour and is well worth sourcing. Samphire is also known as glasswort, pickle plant, … [Read More...]

edible flowers

Flowers That Are Edible

For thousands of years flowers have been used for culinary and medicinal purposes. With the upsurge in demand of home-grown vegetables and fruit, it maybe of interest that flowers can add an extra dimension to recipes, flavour-wise and … [Read More...]

Food Events

Rudolph Gingerbread Faces

Which one is Rudolph?

No need to buy a reindeer cutter to make gingerbreads or cookies at Christmas. Do as one … [Read More...]

Stir-Up Sunday

Stir-Up Sunday 2014 and History

Stir Up Sunday Traditions & History Stir-Up Sunday 2014 will be November … [Read More...]

Pumpkins and sqaush

What’s the difference between pumpkin, squash and gourds?

Pumpkin and squash are both from the cucurbita family just as are ­cucumber, courgettes … [Read More...]

Kitchen & Domestic Info

Top of log burner before polishing

How to Restore Your Log Burner or Fireplace

Is your log burner looking like it could do with a little TLC? Does it need bringing  brought back to life to regain its former gleam of black cast iron? There are several makes of black grate … [Read More...]


Types of Vinegars and Their Uses

Summer or winter, salads have become a staple part of our diet, as have the dressings that accompany them. Most dressings will have vinegar as part of the ingredient, but do you know what the … [Read More...]

Women’s Thoughts Latest Podcast

couples in 50's

Is this really something that you are planning for at the moment.  Issues like these always seem to be years away but millions of over 55s will be unable to afford long-term care. These statistics are quite staggering and reading them perhaps for … [Read More...]